28 September 2006

prison song 05 platter

As hung in Fredericton Arts Alliance Casemates Artists-In-Residence Exhibition: Emerging vs. Established Artists in City Hall Gallery, Fredericton, here is the finished collaborative platter by Ursula Sommerer and me. It looks great. I want to see it in person.

Photo by Liz Haines. Thanks!
Just "heard" (read in an email) today that Ursula and family will be leaving Fredericton as her husband, Bob (or Dr. Robert) Kavanaugh, has left his position at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design for a position at Dawson College in Montreal. They will be missed: two potters who are active and really do stuff.

T-shirt: ochre golf shirt
loc: Senta
temp: 22 C, sunny (w/ a chance of showers)
sound: vacuum cleaner & The Cure Wild Mood Swings

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Jackie said...

Saw it, looks great. Never knew the connection between Bob and Ursula. Who knew? His announcement hit everyone at the school like a tonne of bricks! More on that later. How's the weather, Joe? ( I'm a true Canadian)