17 September 2006


Today, I will travel to Bosnia for the first time since arriving in Eastern Europe just over three weeks ago. We're finally talking real terms at the university; have made an exchange of ideas, proposals. Classes start next month—far later than expected and far later than Canadian universities start their autumn term.

Half an hour from now I'll be walking to the Seventrans bus station here in Senta to buy a ticket for 480 dinar (about $8 CDN or 5.85€) to Novi Sad; get on the 12 noon bus. Zeljko, the Faculty's driver, is to meet me at the Novi Sad bus station on Bulevar Jase Tomica before or after picking up professor Koljevic at his apartman building for our drive west across the souther reach of the Hungarian plateau, or plain, and up into the mountains for the town of Pale.

Accomodation will be on the top floor of the Filozofski fakultet building—the new one just opened this past school year. I was put up in a small hotel in April where I visited this university so I've no idea what to expect of these faculty provided accomodations. During the university year they also provide us with breakfast but other meals are out of pocket. I'm told that we'll even have internet access in the building. We shall see if I can blog from there and/or whether I should take my laptop there (or even have time to use it?) once classes commence.

T-shirt: Mojo
loc: Adjanska 14
temp: 22 C
sound: wind in cherry trees, neighbours on the courtyard


Anonymous said...

Dear Joe!

Photoes that you have on this blog are familiar to me, because I am from Vojvodina. It's a very nice feeling to see, that you have come again to our country. Hope to meet you on Belgrade Book Fair this year, too.
open road west- I like it really much!

Clifford Duffy said...

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and what poetry you'll return with... be well.