05 September 2006

Senta Photos 2

The very beautiful Senta fire station one rainy day last week.

Number 52 is a project for a handyman capable of doing a serious fixer-upper. There's no building whatsoever behind this remaining street facade. It's been gone so long that a good-size tree has grown in the doorway.

One of many grill tents at the first-Sunday-of-the-month open market in Senta. Everything is available there from live farm animals to furniture, used clothing, kiddie rides, candy, toy guns, footwear, secondhand equipment and tools and parts thereof, furniture, honey, secondhand armed force clothes, fruit and vegetables, sport fishing gear, firewood . . .

An exhausted Kiara and still lively Lara moment.

Part of the Senta skyline in last night's sunset. There's not much riging above the treetops: a few church steeples, the top of city hall, the fire siren/communication tower. The riverside grain silos are out of frame downriver (to the left).

Sunset on/from the bridge over the river Tisa.

T: grey
loc: Senta centar
temp: 24 C
sound: Los Lobos By the Light of the Moon

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