07 September 2006

Meanwhile, in Fredericton

Meanwhile, in Fredericton, New Brunswick that loaded date of 11 September will see a large artists eexibition opening. I'm in the show, but it's impossible for me to attend the opening. I'm so till not sure that celebration our art making is what we should be doing on that date, but it's not my decision, not my planning . . . just the conclusion to another arts project that I was happy to participate in.

Fredericton City Hall Gallery presents
Fredericton Arts Alliance Casemates
Artists-In-Residence Exhibition:
Emerging vs. Established Artists

• Joanne Barfitt • Ned Bear • Jennifer Beckley • Joe Blades • Jacqueline Bourque • Carol Collicutt • Kyle Cunjak • Derek Davidson • Oliver Flecknell • William Forrestall • Tara Francis • Chris Giles • Carlos Gomes • Liz Haines • Chris Harding • Stephen May • Marilyn Mazerolle • Sarah Petite • Denise Richard • Ursula Sommerer • Shanie Stozek • Kim Vose Jones • Janice Wright Cheney •

Opening Reception: Monday, September 11, 6-7 pm
Exhibition Dates: September 11 - November 17, 2006
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15 am - 4:30 pm

T-shirt: Joe Canada 2006
Loc: Zenta centar
temp: 26 C
sound: ¡Cubanismo! Reencarnatión

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