16 September 2006

Senta Photos 3

Viewed from the bridge over the Reka Tisa, this is one of the sets of grain silos in Senta. This one has a flour mill, Zitopronet Mlin (the same as Dover Mills on the waterfront in southend Halifax). The other set of grain silos is in the industrial park. I don't know if they're attached to another operation or unto themselves.

This is a sugar beet in my hand: rubbery, mealy, white flesh. It's one that bounced of a loaded high trailer behind a tractor. In Austria and elsewhere they make a wicked rum from the sugar beet, but here it's primarily a source of sugar and raw molasses.

Alltech-Fermin is one of the largest companies in Senta. An American-run manufacturer of yeast-based products for animal feed and other purposes. They have a series of directional signs to the factory on all the major roads into Senta.

A faded and grafittied Senta sign on the edge of town, as soon as one crosses the reka Tisa from the territory of Choka.

t-shirt: SFRJ
loc: Adjanska 14
temp: 26 C
sound: Hot Toddy The Salty Sessions, Vol. 1

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Jackie said...

Sugar beets look very different from those that make potty time interesting in my house. I men really! Try explaining beet poop!