02 October 2005

Side by Side Fest

The festival started Thursday afternoon with a Broken Jaw reading: authors, translators, publisher. It happened in the still under-renovation theatre in the Charlotte Street Centre. Brief introductory remarks by Herménégilde Chiasson. Don't think there's ever been a reading with so many authors & translators of full-length Broken Jaw Press books. Has been a few anthology launches with more readers who'd all contributed a poem. This Side by Side reading was great. Below are a few of my photos.

Jonathan Kaplansky and Pauline MichelJonathan Kaplansky and Pauline Michel

Audience photoAudience (L-R) Nela Rio, Antonio D'Alfonso, Serge Patrice Thibodeau, Jonathan Kaplasnsky, ?, Marylea MacDonald, Tony Steele.

Hugh Hazelton and Robert DicksonHugh Hazelton and Robert Dickson in conversation.

The official opening for Side by Side Festival Côte à Côte happened, as usual, at 8 am [12 noon in Paris] at Old Government House on the Woodstock Road, Fredericton. Fresh fruit salad and custard, croissants and mufins, juice, coffee and tea. Reading in the main hall/ballroom with us seated at round-8 tables. I recorded the reading for ellipse archives and for Ashes Paper & Beans broadcast. Started with an opening prayer and song in Wolastoqiyik and English by Gwen Bea. Continued with readings by Antonio D'Alfonso, Lynn Diamond and Jo-Anne Elder, Hélèn Rioux and Jonathan Kaplansky, Nela Rio and Hugh Hazelton, Serge Patrice Thibodeau and Jonathan Kaplansky, Lola Lemire Tostevin and Robert Dickson.

Jo-Anne Elder and Lynn Diamond at the podium.

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