16 October 2005

casemate poems (coda) 3

art Trek logo"[blac]k hair by hind legs [yello]w eyes
[not eyes] wide [something bro]wnish color"

cat lost to american-spelling canadians in fred
". . . and terribly . . . appreciated"—off pole

bits from an intersection accident missed
glass and plastic reflectors grill parts

but could i help if here or would i chose
to write action poetry while watching the scene

stop to take a photograph or just write?
airbags inflated by sudden stop prevention

beyond drizzle the rain finally becomes
invisible cacti hair in left index finger

a case of typing for fun and prophet art
no not naked in october wind and rain

leaves leaving their shaken dead leavings
good earth fine wine dead soldiers in kitchen

horseshoe hand grenade accuracy in typing
ramones live for the art trek sunday beat

how radio is not books how rage against
the machine in better poetry than apple pie


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