16 October 2005

casemate poems (coda) 5

art Trek logostanding inside a real window casemate
no munition storage room studio my space

backwall of a former white-with-black-trim
crenelated square steeple baptist church

tall narrow stained glass slits long gone
too wide winter windcatcher now open

no parisian artist heyday studio this
but one came by with bottles of red wine

hardwood trees shed their solar panels
cellphone turned this way—is it a camera?

chicken vegetable curry on basmati rice
in maja padrov pottery bowl—now that's art

perhaps it's only my mind being played with
by this not-approached station on art trek

tricked i've been by commitment—normal
sunday would not see this much writing

poems when paragraph describing is required
intent viewed in the round or on the wall

this ending another moving on beginning
how do i shoot a film roll in today's rain?


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