16 October 2005

casemate poems (coda) 6

art Trek logobackroom filled with laundry dryer exhaust
can't work there in that can't breathe live

three-quarters of a print film to shoot
last tin poem in a coda 6-pack weekend

today only! watch an artist take a nap
just don't think they're not working

one sister in human resource training
one sister a freelance research consultant

i'm asked to be me on a panel of experts
flown to ottawa repeatedly for my opinion

the future of the business of publishing
beyond writing what is needed to survive

human resource consultant from the trenches
living the issues of now and our future

an hour of bright sun-rainshowers to go
football or foothills teacher are options

lighlight and strikeout my words written
camera idle for vision inspiration light

tall long drip-dry charcoal travel ready
gear garb books gathering for suitcase


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I did not expect a six-pack. Good stuff!