28 October 2005

in Beograd

Too long without posting . . . been busy . . . hadn't chased down an internet cafe. The book launches and Book Fair have been going well. Am very busy. Here are a few of my photographs. First is a display of the Serbian edition of my Casemate Poems book in the RAD booth. New = NOVO = HOBO. I like being a new Serbian hobo.

Džo with the SKC Nis crew on the balcony of the Canadian Ambassador's Residence, Beograd.

A beautiful warm sunset from the foot- and cyclepath beside a floating boat-raft-bar/kafeena on the river Sava where Jelena and I enjoyed beer and conversation just outside Beogradski Sajam.

loc: RAD office, Decanska 12, Beograd
Temp: 15 C, 9:27 am, sunny
sound: Depeche Mode


Unknown said...

Ah there you are, nearly unrecognizable amongst the suits. Busy is good. Too busy for beer, conversation and sunset would be bad. So it seems all is as it should be.

Joe Blades said...

haloween came early. even wore the dancing skeleton tie one night to a big dinner with Simon Simonovic, publisher of RAD, and others.