15 October 2005

casemate poems (coda) 1

art Trek logothe end begins with raindrops on sidewalk
a sign for art treckies taped to glass

breaking the silence coffee pastrami
an indie bookseller walking her dog

do i expect anyone to be my audience?
my back to the room of plants and art

percussion from hammered typewriter keys
pops in right ear like deep underwater

essence of the last single malt—laphroaig
—of last night's festival still in the glass

in my blood too in these typing fingers
chunks of fresh-cut pineapple too

way of writing performance potentially public
under watching eyes of drop-in audience

just-in-time poetry writing here and now
happy birthday sister—telephone message left

am wearing a surf joe boards t-shirt given
by her a few years back—happy coincidence

last night it was the globe inn (established
1610) burns' howff
—older than nova scotia


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