03 October 2005

A Book Arts Mosaic

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild is pleased to announce the availability of another Community Exhibition:

A Book Arts Mosaic

Venues are now being booked for a tour of a new book arts collection entitled A Book Arts Mosaic, curated by Canadian book artist Lise Melhorn-Boe and available after November 15, 2005. This collection is also available for purchase.

A Book Arts Mosaic consists of 26 pieces (33 including all of the pamphlets and broadsides in the work Feasts) by 38 Canadian book artists (see list of artists below). The collection includes pieces which are delightful or beautiful, moving or inspiring, amusing or thought provoking, and in toto provide ideas and stimulation, suitable for a wide viewing public and for students and instructors. The theme of the diversity of Canada presented to the artists provoked wide ranging responses from those relating to nature, conservation, the environment, seasons, weather, to the spiritual or poetic, to pleas for international respect and peace. A few are overtly and proudly Canadian but most are relevant to all peoples.

Included are examples of structures such as of accordian, tunnel, miniature, Coptic, Japanese stab binding, open lectern, and Chinese whirlwind books, as well as pamphlets and broadsides. Techniques include handmade paper with and without watermarks, calligraphy, blind tooling, incised decoration, paper decorating (including marbling, paste, sponge paper and stencil, hand cut rubber stamps, hand painting, etc.), letterpress printing, linocut, hand printed lithography, xylography, wax resist, collage, and many contemporary techniques and technologies such as machine perforation, polyester resin casting, digital printing on film, digitized photographs, offset printing, giclée printing, and computer layout. Materials include fused glass, knitted copper wire, curled paper ribbon, thongs, frosted acrylic, transfer paper bonded to unbleached cotton, painted wood, leather, paper, and many others.

The collection is suggested for exhibition and/or a teaching tool. It is suitable for small galleries and museums, libraries and archives, schools, and other locations.

A Book Arts Mosaic is housed in a handmade box by Don Taylor, Kate Murdoch, and Reg Beatty. The dimensions of the box are 23" x 12" x 9" and this is shipped in a larger corrugated box.

A location fee of $100 is charged venues. As well, venues are responsible for the cost of shipping from and returned to Toronto. The shipping charge to the venue from Toronto will be charged to your Visa or MC or invoiced by CBBAG unless venues have their own account with a shipper.

The work in the collection can be viewed at the CBBAG website at www.cbbag.ca/Mosaic/mosaic_exhibit.html

For further information contact:
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 112
Toronto ON M6K 1X9

List of artists (collaborations listed together):
• Jocelyne Aird-Bélanger
• Joe Blades
• Ingrid Hein Borch
• Walter Bachinski & Janis Butler
• Sarah Butt
• Susan Carr
• Stephanie Dean-Moore
• Joan Byers, Dorothy Field, & Virginia Porter
• Karen & Geoffrey Hewett
• Susan Warner Keene
• Trisha Klus
• Clarissa Lewis & Lise Melhorn-Boe
• Judy Martin
• Anne Graham McTaggart
• Cathryn Miller
• Micheline Montgomery
• Jane Morgan
• Akemi Nishidera
• The Ottawa Press Gang: Susan Globensky, Holly Dean and Larry Thompson, Roberta Heubener, Grant Wilkins, April Flanders, Richard Coxford, and Britt Quinlan
• Rob Richards
• Anik See
• Shelagh Smith
• Peter Sramek
• Ann Stinner
• Judith Welbourn & Derek Chung
• Robert Wu

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