20 October 2005

12-hour countdown

Twelve hours till a taxi arrives to take me to the airport. I'm still not ready. The new windows are not in. @ 1-ish yesterday, they said they'd try for this morning. Yesterday was sunny. We had showers last evening and overnight. Right now there's a blustry wind that WeatherNet says is gusting into the 30s (km/h). Feels stronger than that. Would blow straight in the living room if that window was open, or taken out. The winds could lift and swirl like leaves all the precious papers and poetry in my lifespace, and carry it away like a disappeared banana company. This is not ideal window replacement weather. Whatever. I have to go find info (it's currently 4 C w/ a few clouds in Belgrade) and close the suitcase.

shirt: Ian Dury "Reason to be Cheerful"
loc: comm ctr
temp: 11 C
sound: computer, wind and rustling leaves, and Dylan and The Dead very low

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