05 October 2005

seat brand (2nd fax)

fax #2
"Damn. He musta liked it! Wants more. Wants details publicized. Places and names. All on his seat. Are they living in Boss Co., or are they Basques high and dry in Texas? I wonder . . ."

They've no locals:
- 7.88 miles away, Hill Country Bar & Grill, Highway 6 & Highway 22, Meridian, TX 254-435-2017
- 14.99 miles away, Redneck Grill, 207 W 4th St, Blum, TX 254-874-5278
- Cathey's Brazos Club, Highway 22, Whitney, TX 254-694-5869
- 17.39 miles away, Hill Street Inn, 302 Hill St, Glen Rose, TX 817-389-4448
Driving Directions, Maps, More . . .
- 19.00 miles away, Pub 22, 2222 State Hwy 22, PO Box 1676, Whitney, TX 254-694-7405
24.59 miles away: Chili's Grill and Bar, 1653 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 817-645-2083
- 24.69 miles away: PDS, 8732 S Highway 171, Grandview, TX 254-854-2350

hay, joey:

has yours evah thot thet internashionul dialin' codes were/r needed fer callin', faxin' Costa Rica? U mite wanna investigate 'em. Damn, dey wurk real goot. Myght even get yo fax to the los cuyos factory an' not up here in east'rn Canada 'gain an' again.

in th' wild western merrytimes
—José, mistaken for Gerardo

shirt: Jim Beam
loc: con centre
temp: 20 C
sound: onesizezero, "new world order"

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