07 October 2005


sometimes there's none and you'd do anything for some or to distract yourself from the cold even put a little fire to a tube of slightly numbing tobacco leaves to your lips and inhale the smoke the part of any fire we are instructed to avoid if you can't get out an open windown or down a fire escape then get down on the floor and press water-soaked towels againt the crack at the base of the door

in winter a sunny -5 or -20 day can feel incredibly warm depending on humidity and wind and other relative temperatures one time i remember climbing the backside of sulpher mountain in banff in the canadian rocks in a february -10 to -5 celsis chinook and was so hot i'd stripped down to my t-shirt and was sweating on snowshoes up a snowcovered road

the turning of our commonly-held calendar to 1 october should not mean the automatic arrival of forced air hot water electric baseboard heat i'd love to have a woostove to use on an especially chill or damp evening or morning but i've no heat turned on in this suspended animation box of my life even the circuit breakers for the in-deep-winter-inadequate 110-writing baseboard heaters in the studio [living]room are off never have had heat on in bathroom or bedroom and rarely in kitchen this week our nighttime lows have been 12 to 15 degrees and our days have been low to high 20s so our lows are closer to the norm for our highs

someone more likely the tenants in the apart below mine but possibly also the ones above must have their heat on and on so high that my studio room is 27 with windows open and this office room is only slightly cooler night was not slept well like a summer night any contact with the fleece blanket or the duvet was too muct too hot feeling like heat radiating from a bad sunburn when all aroung should be relatively cool and dark which is why i'm up and writing long before even a hint of approaching dawn is in the coldest hour night sky

shirt: white stripe tie-dyed aquamarine sleeveless sweat-
loc: comm centre
temp: 16 C, 94% humidity (inside: 25 C)
sound: CPU fan, chair creaks, Portishead Dummy

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