01 October 2005

october arrives

october arrives wearing a brown sweater—holding
a covered mug of hot chocolate and coffee mixed

foggy hollow head cool by the river—wisps of memory drift
chill through the moving knit—silver sun disc rising

soon the blues will be back in sight—always present—
sometimes obscured by clouds ceilings addictions denial

the black of night merely deeper blue lit by distant stars
city lights and the guidance of transport and communication

my heart a long-haul driver without relief
sometimes asleep or too headlight jumpy

today a day for papier mâche begging bowl construction
artful—possibly functional or frameable

a day for red deer stew with spuds carrots parsnips turnip
dried fungi tomatoes celery jalapeño pepper red wine

morning to lift my head from the lashed logs
and boards clung to for a good look around

anything on the horizon
anything useful nearby

anything happening that i should be aware
of while singing my confusion song

i will not be designated driver to gov talk cultural
spaces con glamour attire and wearable art dance

oh no no i to dance dance dance
need to squirrel nuts for winter

want to sleep on a park bench in autumn
sunlight in glade by a river or on a hillside

to be real in real time poet time
earth time—not machine

T-shirt: Ruminator Books
loc: writing room
temp: 16
sound: dry leaves rustle

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