15 October 2005

casemate poems (coda) 2

art Trek logoabsinthe refined with traditional spoon
vincent too his own ear after original

watching water over sugarcube green
into the glass below licorice scent rising

corner of york and george streets between
12 and 5 ideal for gallery space in window

sometimes choice is not subject but form
a means in a situation of art making

crammed into acadian bus window seat
my laptop open on lap playing music in earbuds

buddy student with laptop in seat beside watches
jimmy stewart kim novak artist movie colourised

homework while I handhold open sketchbook
journal above my laptop and write longhand

had enough of writing the blog i can't post
wireless without not-possessed satellite phone

not war correspondent but stand-up poet
coming off the road and prepping for next

only one trek visitor so far: co-ordinator
mary ann on saturafternoon promising rain


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Just really extraordinarily exceptional!