29 September 2007

Readings Season Opens

Autumn is a furious time for author readings in Fredericton. I've attended five in the past ten days. Plus I did four Random Acts of Poetry staged readings for a photo (Daily Gleaner) and tv—read to Freddie the Nude Dude, a Siberian Husky-German shepherd mix puppy and to Charles LeBlanc the ADHD Activist blogger—for Trevor Doyle Live (Rogers TV) spots. Missed one reading last Friday. Will attend a reading+ tomorrow in Moncton. Will miss another one Monday evening because it's happening at exactly the same time as my appearance on the 8 pm Trevor Doyle Live for my official kickoff for my role in Random Acts of Poetry 2007.

< RaymondFraser.jpg removed by request />
Fredericton author Raymond Fraser demonstrating that choking feeling at the launch of his new book WHEN THE EARTH WAS FLAT: Remembering Leonard Cohen, Alden Nowlan, the Flat Earth Society, the King James monarchy hoax, the Montreal Story Tellers and other curious matters (Black Moss Press) @ Westminster Books, King St, Fredericton, NB o 20 Sept 2007.

Nova Scotian GG-winning poet and novelist, George Elliott Clarke on stage in Memorial Hall, UNB Arts Centre, Fredericton on Friday, 21 Sept.

A BlackTop MotorCycle Gang writers' group spontaneous reading [not to be confused with a "reading raid"]. Here, member Biff Mitchell is reading a new poem to BTMG member WhiteFeather outside Gallery Connexion, Fredericton, during the last Culture Crawl of 2007, on Thursday, 27 Sept.

At the 28 Sept, Fredericton book launch in the St Croix Room, Crowne Plaza [nee Lord Beaverbrook Hotel] by well-loved Fredericton author M. T. Dohaney for The Flannigans (St John's: Pennywell Books).

While Laurence Hutchman made the introduction, Alberta poet Yvonne Trainer stood to the side of the poetry bookself at Westminster Books, King St, Fredericton, NB. Saturday afternoon, 2 pm, 29 Sept 2007.

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Biff said...

Hey Joe,

Actually, I wasn't reading a new poem to WhiteFeather ... I was reading one of her pieces, K-Mart Uterus, which I was going to read on her behalf at the STU Reading Raid. Perhaps we'll have that Raid next Friday.

See you Wednesday morning for reading for literacy and Wednesday evening for the Side-by-Side readings.


Joe Blades said...

Hey, Biff,

That's possibly even better than a new poem . . . a new reading of another BTMGers poem :-) . . . a "reading raid" rehersal