27 September 2007

ellipse 79

The new issue of revue ellipse mag has arrived just in time for
29 Sept-3 Oct: Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire: Langues en danger / Indigenous and Endangered Languages starting this weekend. The trickster was messin' with me when I tried exporting the cover to PDF so I did an end-around to get past him to produce this very fine cover and issue {I'm on the Ed Board and do the production layout work]. Cover image is my photograph: "Robert Dickson au Brunch chez Rose, Moncton, 2005".

Main things in this issue are « Hommage à Robert Dickson » + Deux poèmes de Robert Dickson; Dossier 1 / Feature 1 of Sculpture sur prose / Prose Sculpture by Joe Blades, Rose Després, Dyane Léger, J. Roger Léveillée et Jo-Anne Elder; Dossier 2 / Feature 2 on The Governor General’s Literary Awards / Prix littéraire du Gouverneur général including a List of Canada Council Translation Prize winners and Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation winners / Liste des lauréat.e.s du Prix de traduction du Conseil des Arts du Canada et du Prix littéraire du Gouverneur général en traduction, the Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, 2006 (Cinq poèmes de Vétiver par Joël Des Rosiers, tr. Hugh Hazelton), « Les GG, cuvée 2005 » by Michel Savard, Jean-Marc Desgent, Anne Compton, Processional

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