11 September 2007

ashes, paper & beans 9•11

Tonight's episode of ashes, paper & beans featured:

Moe Clark from the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival 2007. [Special thanks to Jeanne Kwong, Spoken Word Coordinator at our sister station CJSW, at U of Calgary, for this recording.]

Selections from the "Frye Jam" at the 2007 Frye Festival with three authors—Lesley Choyce, Marie-France Comeau, Marilyn Lerch—reading with musical accompaniment-background by Les Païens followed by pAn with three songs.

Show ended with "Just One Night" by Dwayne Morgan.

[Then I queued and queued recorded programs to take the station overnight till 9:30 tomorrow morning. "Python" and other programers skip being live on air tonight to be at The Hip concert on campus at the Aitken Centre.]
T: cervezas
loc: fredlightrain
temp: 15 C
sound: System of a Down Toxicity

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