03 September 2007

BlackTop MotorCycle Gang "reading raid"

Biff on the lip, getting sprayed by Freddie the Nude Dude's fountain. Biff was swearing passionately.

John, paper bag under his arm, and Old Skull digging the words. Person in pink in the background by York Street with a shiny object in hand and suspect intentions.
WhiteFeather on the fountain ring.

City Hall webcam capture at 12:26 pm. Broken Joe a.k.a. Spare Blades all in black, by the fountain reading "could i wear leather".

24 hours have passed since the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang reading raid at City Hall.
Four broadsheet publications distributed.
No evictions.
No arrests.
Not even a warning from the commissionaire . . .

There might be another "reading raid" next Saturday—same time, same place—plus, possible, a second "reading raid" late afternoon @ Market Square, Saint John before the art opening . . .

T: Dragon's Breath Kingston Brewing Company
loc: fredlabourday
temp: 21 C
sound: Depeche Mode Playing the Angel

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