29 June 2006

Slower than Turtle

Q: Why did the turtle cross the toad?
A: Because the road was moving slower than the turtle.

Swimming above ground, out of water, in thick humid air . . . I was out for a bike ride before I became waterlogged and stuck in the accumulating sediment . . .

Turtle in the photo above was on the trail near the frog park. Moving along at its turtle pace. Still a danger to hit with a bike, one as bad as the tree trunk swerved around behind the building now housing FAPO, the one used as the set for cafe scenes for my acting role in Neverville: Population 101 (LunaSea Films, 2002). It's a surprise to see a turtle here. Haven't seen one before. So I take a few pictures and ensure that it's safely off the bike trail before I climb back on my SCA steed and head into town.

Reminds me of Talks-Too-Much's "No shit, there I was . . ." story of being on a US military base in one of the western states; a weapon testing ground: They had been driving along a road through the desert when the convoy came to a halt. TTM, ever curious, got out of his vehicle to learn the reason for the stoppage. Asked the driver and was told that a tortoise was crossing the road and they had to stop for it. [Can't you just see the headline: "Tortoise Halts US Army Advance".] This tortoise was recognized as an endangered species, the area its protected environment—yet both are inside a military base! TTM thinks wtf and returns to his vehicle shaking his head in contradictory wonderin'.

T: Guinness (Celtic knotwork)
loc: brokenLogistics
temp: 22 C (feeling like 30)
sound: Grateful Dead, Terrapin Station

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Jackie said...

I'm impressed by the ability to be able to snap the turtle. The last one I saw near water (15 years ago) moved pretty quickly for a slow species. I am also impressed with the ability to stop while in the frog park. Last time I was THERE, the flying blood suckers were out in extremely full force. Standing water. Good breeding ground.