27 June 2006

APB, 27 June 2006

Last Tueday in June 2006, the 27th. On Ashes, Paper & Beans, I happened to do an all-Canadian poetry episode:
• Hugh Hazelton from antimatter: "Emergency", "The Imperial Birthday Party"
• Heather O'Neill, "Friday Night"
• Chris Bell, "Bikes"
• Helene Monette (poem) + Bob Oliver (music), "Heure de pointe"
• Swifty Lazarus, "History is Dead (Read My Lips)"
• Clive Holden from Trains of Winnipeg (Cyclops Press): "bus north to thompson with les at the wheel", "wind", "transcona" & "babette"
• Al Purdy from Necropsy of Love (Cyclops Press): "The Caribou Horses", "In the Early Cretaceous" & "Lament for the Dorsets"

T: yellow "Joe" polo
loc: brokenSauna
temp: 24 C (30 inside)
sount: Tom Waits nighthawks at the diner

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