11 June 2006

22 april saturday

© Joe Blades 2006.

sava river became foggy overnight
river fog and moaning dove’s “channel
buoy” song and sun brightness too
yellow empty bus 68 at an end
beginning of its route routine

in zemun a house door is open
and water flows out over the sill
cascades down short steps
into a behind-sandbag wall
cobblestone street puddle

serbian army here with trucks
and water pumps hoses snaked
over the top to push the danube back
while the camouflaged sit and lower
the level inside 2-litre beer bottles

if the levels drop by two or four
metres there would be relief
but if the rain continues upriver
or the thunderstorm bursts
swollen waters will swell

my feet dry but my writing hand numb
from lack of blood circulation i hear
lara and sounds of cartoon network
in the next room but her mother's fallen
back into today's sleep-in sleep

when all the floating kafe bars
the floating indoor sportska football
and all-night babylon dance disappear
from view high above the levee
normal will seem so strange

normal not conversation’s topic
ab- has taken control and occupies
thought dreams and planning:
move or make the dykes higher
cellars tighter and pumps permanent

T-shirt: nbcc volunteer
loc: BJP off
temp: 13 C
sound: The Costello Show King of America

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