06 June 2006

« Poems of the Week » Rides Again


Relaunch of the « Poems of the Week » website by the Parliamentary Poet Laureate

The Parliamentary Poet Laureate, Mrs. Pauline Michel, is proud to announce that the « Poems of the Week » website is now again online. Mrs. Michel has relaunched this website dedicated to Canadian poets and their poems on June 5th. This project has been set up by the previous Poet Laureate, Mr. George Bowering, in 2002.

From now on and until the end of Mrs. Michel's mandate on November 16th, readers will have access to poems written by 48 living Canadian poets invited to share their poetry. These poets come from all around the country, they are from several ethnic origins, they are women as well as men. Their work is already well-known or will soon be. French writers and English writers are equally represented.

Two new poems will be available each week: one in French, the other in English. Previous poems will remain online in the archive section so readers can read them until the end of the project.

Visit this out-of-the-ordinary website, which promotes Canadian poets and contributes in its way to the Canadian literature radiance.

[Joe Blades is one of the poets invited to participate in this year's, this Poet Laureate's « Poems of the Week » project.]

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