16 June 2006

Broken Joe Stuff

I've entered a new phase of accessibility, commitment and presence: just started a storefront brokenjoestuff at etsy.com. Only one set of items up at the moment: Broken Jaw Press cups/mugs. It already has a link built into in this blog's sidebar. You'll also find a few other stores there in the mix of blogs, portfolios and websites. I hope this works for me. Hope it does something to get my stuff out there beyond wherever I am or go. Have more stuff to add to the store, to put on your shelves and tables. Expect handmade books, poetry, unusual objet d'art, photograph note cards and more . . .

T: Quod nos non necat, etiam maximime laedit
loc: commCtr
temp: 24 C
sound: Michael Franti and Spearhead Everyone Deserves Music

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