07 June 2006

from Tomorrow's Wedding

Rehearsal this eve, as the sky darkens and predicted rain might be moving closer, for a tomorrow wedding across the street.

These two have something to do with it but I'm not sold, despite gestures and repeated kisses, that they are tommorow's couple. I like the matched black and pale pink. Cute, even smart looking, in its way! An older woman, likely mother of the girl-woman, was also wearing layered pale pink over black shirts, but with blue jeans.

I'll likely be busy cracking open and eating seabugs tomorrow when the ceremony happens so I'll get the jump on weddingtv.com by posting here today.

T: Storm Tech
loc: comCtr
temp: 20 C
sound: Phish (Selections from the 6CD Live Box Set) Hampton Comes Alive


Anonymous said...

excuse me what are seabugs? is it lobster? David Susuki says they are related to earwigs? therefor a lobster?

Joe Blades said...

Yes, what I've oft humorously called seabugs are indeed North Atlantic lobster (or lobstah, if one's in the State of Maine). I wouldn't know about their relation to the earwigs in my garden greens but anything is possible.