11 June 2006

All about the glass.

Okay: is "Heiny" or Heine the short nickname? I alway thought it was Heine. Heiny with a "y" seems closer to hindy with a silent "d" (as in "Park you hiny over there, and tell me that this is all about.") where hiny is a soft form of hind and behind. If it's all about the beer, what's with the glass promotion? Sicker and the fine print in lower left corner of the table talker both state no purchase is necessary. Does that mean that anyone of "legal drinking age" (varies by province, state, country) can simply ask for a Heineken glass and be given one? They don't have to buy a beer, a Heineken? I'm confused!

T-shirt: Picaroon's Mug Club '06
loc: BJP off
temp: 14 C
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