20 June 2006

APB, 20 June 2006

Another Tuesday in Fredericton. Another NB Cracks special at Victory Meat not exercised. Another Taproom Mug Club members Tuesday special (only $3.50 per mug) with bonus live World Cup football on a monstrous HDTV enjoyed before climbing the hill to CHSR for another episode of Ashes, Paper & Beans (the first with Scott Kitchen as the station's new Program Director).

A mixed show, it was:
• Monty Python with "Wide World of Novel Writing"
• "Raising Cade" story by Margaret Macpherson
• Monty Python with "The Cheeseshop"
• "At the Quinte Hotel" poem by Al Purdy
• "Homet and the Giant Sea Worm" tale by Stephen DiLauro
• Monty Python with "Bishop on the Landing"
• Maggie Estep with "Sex Goddess of the Western Hemisphere"

loc: ComCtr
temp: 18 C
sound: The smalls The smalls

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