13 June 2006

APB, 13 June 2006

Another Ashes, Paper & Beans in the can (well, on CD and on the DigiCart for rebroadcast whenever)!

Richard Hell from his novel Go Now
Clive Holden with "Trains of Winnipeg" & "Eighteen Thousand Dead in Gordon Head"
Radio Free Vestibule with "Froo Froo the talking cat"
from The United States of Poetry (Mouth Almighty/Mercury):
• Emily XYZ & Myers Bartlett "Slot Machine"
• Matt Cook "James Joyce"
• Tracie Morris "Project Princess"
• Amiri Baraka "The X is Black (Spike Lie)"

T: CHSR Highland Radio 2005
loc: BJP [un]calmCtr
temp: 17 C
sound: a roaring fan, tires on wet streets

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