06 June 2006

APB, 06 06 06

Another Ashes, Paper & Beans episode in the can: 6 June 2006. A warm, muggy day. A day for numerologists (that was bound to happen today because of the used calendar created by earlier hunman beings and applied to the lives of many living on planet Earth). Do tonight's show contents reflect this? No, but they might loosen your hearing:

bpNichol "Pome Poem"
Christian Bök performing Hugo Ball's "Sea Horses and Flying Fish"
Steven Ross Smith "Two Kinds"
Terrance Cox from Local Scores (Cyclops Press): "The Maple Sugar Breakdown", "Subtropical Homesick Blues", "Of Glory in the Flower", "Red Sea Blues"
Biff Naked "Eine Tasse Tee (a poem)"
Luis J. Rodriguez "Palmas"
Patricia Smith "Spinning Till You Get Dizzy"
Michael War "Manchild"
Cin Salach & Sheila Donahue "I'm a Stranger Here Myself"
Christopher Stewart "Beat the Drum"
Maggie Estep "Bad Day at the Beauty Salon"

T-shirt: SFRJ
loc: commCtr
temp: 17 C
sound: Motion Ensemble ensemble

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