25 February 2006

wedding.tv episode

Caught off guard was I by today's wedding.tv party. Normally I see the rehearsal the day before for what it is (and when I think back I do recall a few people being around the church sometime yesterday afternoon). In kitchen starting a pot of chili, I saw people converging and entering.

Was a 3 pm production. Military buzz cuts on some of the best men and groom. Honking big stretch limo truck delivers the bride and bridesmaids.

Bride and groom in the doorway of St Paul's. Large, supportive audience behind them. Many bridesmaids. They stream from the church and flow out of sight inside the limo.

T: Wild East
loc: comCtr
temp: -7 C
sound: Various artists, FUNKuNGFUSION


Jackie said...

Where did that car come from? Holy smokes! Oh to be a little fly inside that car.

Joe Blades said...

New Brunswick plates on it, but I doubt that it's local . . . ?

Bet you could lose your crew in there and still have room left over.

Liz said...

st john i believe is where she hails from. seen her there once or twice