07 February 2006

APB, 7 Feb 2006

Tonight's Ashes, Paper & Beans was surprised by the arrival of 4 CDs, MPS CD audio books from Rattling Books in Tors Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador. First half of the show was a story, "If You're There" by Lisa Moore from her print book Open (House of Anansi).

Second half was a usual/unusual, mix of stuff: Gerard Beirne, "Elvis Has Left the Building"; Paulo da Costa, "Slowness"; Anita Best reading from Mary Dalton's Merrybegot (Rattling Books)

T-shirt: Highland Radio 98
loc: com Ctr
temp: -6 C (feels like -12 C)
sound: Al Tuck and No Action, Brave Last Days

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