28 February 2006

hunger confused by half lemon

crunchy sleep in the corner
of eyes awake with weakerthan
song circling inside heavy
cranium with teeth almost
clenched not from the song
rather from endless work
grind in the book smithy
hammer forge and anneal
so straighten stretch slide
between bedsheets pushing
balled socks with legs toward
open side of the bed and
carpeted floor hall to bathroom
water! water both ways sigh

east of here the sun has
been in morning sky for hours
a small motor stolen two summers
ago boat is parked on frozen
ground in a town with its
same name in front of a house
a home no longer lived in full
because of a job in the city
a mother her parents her
daughter in cement apartment
across from old city eyes
still everywhere sleepless
friendly this time questions
glow in smiling cheeks

lips sealed shut from not
licking them in sleep awoke
curled small in pillowed corner
of double bed with grandmother
knit newfoundland wool
blankets on top thickest
over chilled feet the sound
of snowplow trucks scraping
the road to and from city
hall and police station not
that there’s accumulation or
even enough snow to cover
the asphalt from yesterday
and night’s falling flurries

Shirts: Moose petroglylph, long-sleeve burgandy
loc: comCtr
temp: -13 C
sound: Squirrel Nut Zippers, Hot

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