21 February 2006

New journal day

Last night saw me finish and close my journal started 16 December 2005. It is full of stuff from my life and then some (photo above). Crazy busy times they were: Christmas with my parents in Nova Scotia; trip planning; grant application recovery work; accountancy; brain-picked CHRC meetings in Ottawa; radio, radio, radio; joe reading; TWUC workshop; art openings; and much more . . .

Today I started a new journal, a plain black (but not for long) artist sketch book. I printed off some large RAD publishing house logo lables and covered the book. It might get me to Serbia again. That's my crazy hope. Almost everyone thought that this Broken Joe blog would significantly cut into my journal writing-production-consumption. Go ahead, "say it ain't so, joe".

T-shirt: Guiness
loc: (un)comCtr
temp: -1
sound: The Smalls, The Smalls


Jackie said...

I know that I am being picky, but could you tell me how you managed to figure out time travel? I could use some help here. I want to go ahead a couple of months into the warm weather.

Or id you mean Dec 16 2005? If you did, you are a very prolific writer, which leads me to my next question. How long have you been journaling and how many do you have stashed on shelves?

Joe Blades said...

"2006" is a typo, like your "id". They happen.

I started this type of journal in 1983. Lost a few years of them before or in getting out of a situation :-) but still have many here and in storage.