13 February 2006

CHSR FunDrive 2006

CHSR's annual FunDrive begins this Friday, February 17 and runs through to Friday March 3rd.

CHSR 97.9 FM, Fredericton, New Brunswick's oldest FM station, is a not-for-profit campus-based community radio station. It is a part of every member's individual and collective responsibility to help out with raising money—particularly at this time of year. We need the money to maintain equipment and everything else that helps us stay on the air.

All on-air programmers doing a show during FunDrive must ask the listening audience to call our pledge line and donate to CHSR. Every time we turn on a mic we are expected to do this, ensuring that at least four times per hour we ask for donations. Scripts will be provided for in a binder in MCR under the HDA, with complete instructions on how to do an on-air pledge drive.

We are also asking for volunteers to work the phone lines. Shifts are three hours long . . . and the station will provide coffee!

There are numerous other ways to raise money. Help out with some of the station's organized fundraising events or spearhead your own initiative such as a raffle or an all-night radio marathon [I've done this before but it's not likely I'll be doing one this year].

This means that I'm expected to raise donations in the context of my program Ashes, Paper & Beans If you telephone the station to make a pledge or if you put a cheque or money order in the mail, please state that you are supporting Ashes, Paper & Beans.

Charitable donation tax receipts can be issued through the University of New Brunswick upon request. Please mail you cheque or money order to:
Box 4400
Fredericton NB E3B 5A3
Phone: (506) 453-4988
Shirt: Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival 1993
loc: ComCtr
temp: -7 C
sound: Spirit of the West, Save This House

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