26 February 2006


So, it's a small fair.

Hugh Thomas, math prof and poet pictured above, is here introducing his new Double Negative publishing entity and its first chapbook: Joyce's Walking Stick, by Hugh Thomas. Hugh also bootlegged two above/ground press poem broadsheets just to have copies of them here. Hugh will be live on Ashes, Paper & Beans (CHSR 97.9 FM) this coming Tuesday at about 7:30 pm.

There's a large table of hemp necklaces and jewelry stuff. Some soft journals, T-shirts, a Moonsocket CD and 7", Free Thought by the local Social Justice League, Monique with her portrait service, a girl—Dawn-Aeron Wason—with a zine, Sublime Creatures and chapbook of poems and stuff, magnetic buttons.

I put out some stuff including the Some Stuff . . . NCRA-published chapbook. Am not likely to stay here untill 6 pm. It's not that active. But it is good to see. At some point the live entertainment will start performing in the corner behind my table of stuff.

T: Quod nos non necat, etiam maxime laedit
loc: Underground Cafe
Temp: ?
sound: First Word on stereo

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