10 February 2006

Joe reading on 15 Feb

Yesterday, I finally found a poster for next Wednesday's reading. No extra copies lying around so I took a photo to use to make this post and more posters. Hope to get a real poster, for my files, at the reading proper. They found and used an old photo (1998) of me by Dale MacCalder from preproduction time for River Suite (Insomniac Press, 1998).

T-shirt: Scream in High Park, 17 July 2000
loc: comCtr
temp: -11 C
sound: Soul Coughing, Ruby Vroom


Jackie said...

I was going to ask when the photo was taken. YOu look slightly different now. Maybe it's the glasses....

Joe Blades said...

aah. i wasn't wearing glasses in this this photo. i started wearing eyeglasses in kindergarten and, except for a few years between high school and art college, have always had glasses. Compter time and fine, closeup work require them.

Jackie said...

That is what I ment. No glasses in the photo. Although they are usually on your face. So what I should of said was " Maybe it's the lack of glasses." I'll just chalk it up to being up and typing on 4 hours of sleep when I was mussy headed and sick. Typical me, say one thing, mean another.