20 February 2006

APB pre-empted tomorrow

On 20 Feb 06, at 18:45—CHSR Program Director wrote:


The hockey games are on for tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st), and Thursday (23rd). They'll be airing from 6:55pm until approximately 9:20pm, so the 7-8pm and 8-9:30pm slots will both be preempted for this week. This was a weird change in the usual schedule, so I don't think you guys will be affected again during playoffs, but I can't be 100% sure. Sorry for the last-minute changes!


[& it was to be my Ashes, Paper & Beans program's live 11th Anniversary episode. Oh, w(h)ell, nothing I can do about it. UNB hockey playoffs have finally bumped me. First time in 11 years on air.—JB]
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