24 February 2006

Get well, Johnny

okay, I am sitting down:

Johnny is in an induced coma
in the Saint John Hospital
victim of a head-on collision
on the highway/road to Saint John
—hear that Darren saw a photo
of the vehicles in the TJ

brain swollen
many, many broken bones
full recovery is expected
but might take years
accident happened Wednesday

• • •

I want to scream
my frustration
on a disappearing wind

I want to send my best wishes
for a speedy recovery
to Johnny and his wife, gently

I want to cry

I want to tell other people
everyone who should know
everyone who knows Johnny
and his boundless energy
enthusiasm and support
in the arts, architecture
heritage and culture community

I want us to come together
and do whatever necessary
for one of the best of our own

Shirt: black cotton, long-sleeve
loc: kitchen table
temp: -1 C
sound: Beastie Boys, license to Ill


amyt said...

I know a little about the accident; my bosses fiance was one of the first on the scene (he's with the Oromocto Fire Dept). There was a doctor behind one of the colliding cars, to there was immediate medical response. My bosses fiance loves his job and has been doing it for years, I know your friend was in good hands. It's not easy work, he had to take the day off today because he's still rattled from that call.

Broken Joe said...

Large card for signing now at Westminster Books, King St, Fredericton, NB.

Today's estimate is that Johnny will be spending three months in a wheelchair. Let's hope it's not that long!