08 November 2008

8 noemberi 2008


you’ve woken suddenly out of deep
sleep and if you go with him
he can show you why he smells that way
but maybe you don’t want to go
perhaps you don’t ever want to grow
a basketball-shaped hump out front
or to bring life into this world
—photographs and stilled life art
enough—what with all the questions
responsibility and expectations implicit

after stopping a man from driving wrong
way up a one way off-ramp     you crossed
the street     entered the loading bay
and tried climbing deceptively broken stairs
so led down     some end abruptly
at a wall or turn into stacked boxes
and hollow wall-less crates
you trip-stumble     fell onto a door
and into a room filled with fabric
bolts and women at sewing machines
as another waring roller skates
fell against you     her armful of bolts
spilling around you as you fell and she
landed on top “what are you going to do now?”

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