06 November 2008

6 Novembro 2008

blessed fog in the head     in the
river valley this morning     shrouds
everything from church steeples
to dump trucks     school buses and me
hauling a coffee table     boxes
of new books and sheet styrofoam
to storage @ 334 queen basement

if the meeting happens here     i will
clear my bookbinding table (again)
and resume physical work afterwards
snap dulled blades for the next new
to slice trim cut through the blocks
of paper now books bound for a launch
with a glass of wine tuesday in montréal

this morning     black coffee and an apple
soon     the literacy fair and luncheon
at old government house with me cleaned
up in suit coat and black dress shirt
pesto chicken salad sandwiches and pink
lemonade     20th anniversary cake too—
fog between trees and over river lifts

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