26 November 2008

26 noēmvri 2008


don’t have a significant
     for the dinner
not a problem
     for the poet
but some shites never come

who likes anonymous
     snark hiding
not patron matron or
     anyway supportive
just to make it home before
     cold rain

not to confuse not posting
     with not writing
sometimes too busy doing
     and creating
to distribute for other’s
     convenient reading

want some me time
     not just work
for or with other people’s
chanters cucumbers pod

always someone ready
     to sell
darkness in the heart
     and mind
always someone wanting
     needing to buy

final week neutered or mute
     not censored
feel worn face stubble
     and sawdust
sandbagged eyes dead
     to the world

no pie interviews
     spooky pieces
music to songs
     new canned goods
lc every capital or upper
     for others

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow! it wasn't anything personnal..I just been reading it for awhile;) no need to publish..anonymous