23 November 2008

22 wintermond 2008


bagged baby carrots and chicken pot pie craft
hero soy burger in origami parchment wrap
last night’s filming ended at dawn per usual

normally not up all night working and not outside
in sub-zero snow     almost went to farmer’s market
after the challenge of getting a battery boost

enough to get home and crack open a dark strong
lager while emptying loaded pockets and eating
before a few hours of daytime sleep before . . .

insert shot of the great burger toss
everyone kept in basement holding
quieter than mice in the old walls

or grips in snow erecting lights
flags and bounce boards for later . . .
what use a dartboard without darts?

burger toss again and again with harvest
from the tofu burger bush with fries
for leaves awaiting ketchup rain or gravy

cofey in the jug and head pills for the ache
waiting for the miracle of action and cut
and tomorrow in the wee hours of this

or next predawn monday the closing
that’s a wrap! but hours of tonight still
to film after driving the picture car

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