05 November 2008

5 Novemba 2008

art bank weekend and hump day one
rolled together in cotton bedsheets
when flannel should be the order
of the day with electric heat still
off in the compartment and studio
—day grey under cloud cover

more bare branches than leafed
excepting the evergreen trees
17 degrees celsius and a snow
bot with blade on the front
just rolled up south on york street
the poet     wearing shorts and a t
about to go cycling on no’side and
to the stuporstore for supplies

lamb roast in the oven with fresh
rosemary and rock salt—a small tribute
to whole lambs on rotisserie skewers
in those travelled balkan mountains
am i     or was i     naïve? fuck! i’d love
some gorky list     roast goat or jelen pivo
but i’ve been back two years in fredchicken
—no risk here of becoming another zet

t: Smooth Rock Falls ● Canada
loc: aftrdrkdsk
temp: 14 C
sound: David Bowie "Under Pressure"

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