16 November 2008

16 phagun 2008


the holes are not black     just
absent of paper—no wonder
with the excessive rainfall
a nursing students’ pub crawl
and on every street a strew
of tilted letterboxes     mail
drops     and bags of autumn
tree leaves gathered     plus
a bonus on regent street:
a toppled freezer of bagged ice

stomach sounding like a video
game machine not played     hero
encountering obstacles and foes
in the power-control labyrinth
grand mother throwing up in the night
but the cancer’s got her bones
without cure as morphine dulls
grandson riding the silver waver
all night walked home laughing
for a few hours of morning sleep

animals grow hairier every day
whether cleaned-up or never quite
consumption a hunger cancer
as sleep results in not

T: Silver Waver 2007
loc: rain show(ers)
15 C
sound: Kansas "Dust in the Wind"

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