30 November 2008

29 du 2008


on the outside
like a brush of paint
               on canvas
wrangling snow lines
     in small hollows
on very green grass
          wilmot park
now military base land
berries and hipped bushes
leaves brown and blown

caution water
     very hot
high voltage restrooms
coffee tea
tea coffee
     fan switch
pop and water
     sodium 101
quiet program
     in session

leave the cover on
do not adjust thermostat
     theatre material
mercuy and venas
nuptune and urenas
passing through a hole
in a cone
     a parking pylon
     then a safety shot

black water daisy
     on art table
hello my dolly shot
mad bowler hatter
in family resource
     centre window
seniors stone stepping
towards the shore
     many used glasses
     a larger coffee pot
and used food plates
     from five adults

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