15 November 2008

15 sip-il-wol 2008


on the trail to the teepee
rain falling out of the fog
flowing river rain-swollen
somewhere nearby     unseen
nonthreatening calm waters
as he leaned and turned toward
the cliff with its talking stick
broadcasting into the vast air

but no one was in the teepee
recently     likely yesterday
by the signs     but not today
so he left his friendly mark
beside the entrance then turned
to select mushrooms and
bison from the convenient cache
then took the downriver trail

story images swirling inside
he composed while travelling
as all of us travel our lives
in the ever of now . . . now!

t: Heroic Oatmeal Stout
loc: pre NB Shorts I & II
temp: 14 C
Sound: The Rocky Horror Picture Show "Time Warp"

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