07 November 2008

7 Nopember 2008


two face-jewelled young women
one a mother pushing child in stroller
away from downdown     nerdman behind
music-plugged ears après workday
oh     november showers have arrived
me     still dressed all in black     back
(again) from stupidstore with red wine
biking like a not-mormon outreacher
or naughty nurse halloween spirit
receiving deceit receipts

phat rain like in the tropics . . .
should be crouched under jungle
leave large as umbrellas or
naked not caring worrying about
getting wet or chilled cold
where rain like sun simply is
but i’ll not be out there in this
november rain until necessity
pushes this crap into the ground
feeding my poor pitiful poetry

perhaps he is a loser rehearsalist
a cut’n’paste kid passé passant
“campy trash” and rocky horror lips
plastered on the journal’s cover
a dozen ugly chapbooks bound & folded
help numerous envelopes get stuffed
tup and roasting pan filled with
dirty dished come out of dark hiding
to (finally) get washed by a truly naked man
in his kitchen on friday afternoon

loc: pregalopenings
temp: 10 C
sound; Elvis Costello "When I was Cruel"

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