27 November 2008

27 noyenbe’r 2008


       head awake b4 body
in pre-dawn fog
       ice drizzle

remember clothes and bedding
       tumbled last night
in a heated steel drum
       no calypso rhythms
              in the basement
laundry room
       (be)cause there are no lines
              for drying outside
the walls

       no drinking either
according to missive from the lord
       claiming ownership
              of this small plot

everyone knows
       eating and drinking
              occurs within
one’s own body
       what’s not wanted
              is obvious
public consumption
       sure sign we’re not pure

hence the ongoing miracle
       of stones with holes

bibi’s empty heads / the senate
       wood-fired pottery
              in northern alta

rings on fingers and toes
       and chains that continue
              to bind people
and other animals against
       their freewill

before school buses open
       doors for however willing
              students to enter and sit

other fired-up moving stones
       roam the streets
              to tip and empty
dumpster holowed stones
       curbside and behind builts
before the flying wise guys
       pigeons and gulls
              have a chance
to feed on our waste

sounds of not seen action
       as if cloud-encircled mountain
              —this small uphill
retained more snow
       at elevated ’tudes
and thicker fog up
       above the river valley
              never cleared

fog remained fog
       with a cooling
of freezing drizzle

T: Guinness
loc: artdeptprep
temp: 1 C
sound: Watermelon Slim and the Workers No Paid Holidays

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